Online Goat College 101 Now Available!

Learn the step-by-step process of caring for a small herd of milk goats in a natural and healthy way.

Folks who want to become goat keepers seem to be at a loss as to where they can learn first hand the basics that will help them to gain confidence in maintaining the health of a goat, milking, trimming hooves and more.

Now available, common sense practical tips and advice that you can study without having to travel away from the farm.

The Business of Goat Herding

Available Now:  The Business of Goat Herding:  Specialty Dairy, Natural Herd Health & More  (134 page book, in paperback or electronic pdf)

Finally an easy-to-read reference guide to help women who want to get started raising goats. Written by women, for women, this 134-page book deals with the real issues of getting started.

*  overcoming barriers and resistance from family
*  getting your pastures, fences and barns ready for goats
*  goat health
*  and much more

We offer a number of courses on raising goats and making cheese products

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Our Podcasts on Raising Healthy Goats

Join us for a brief discussion on the art and science of raising a small herd of dairy goats naturally - on your farm or homestead.

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