Goat College 101

Find out what you will learn in this course…

Learn the step-by-step process of caring for a small herd of milk goats in a natural and healthy way.

Goat keeping is a growing trend in both urban and rural areas, and we’re receiving a growing number of inquiries about how to take care of goats naturally. 

Folks who want to become goat keepers seem to be at a loss as to where they can learn first hand the basics that will help them to gain confidence in maintaining the health of a goat, milking, trimming hooves and more. 

And if they have an interest in naturally healthy goats where can they learn how to avoid some needlessly costly vet services?

Included with the course is an electronic copy of this 134-page reference book ($10 value).

We will discuss:

Introduction: Getting Started in Goat Herding

Learn the basic list of what’s needed to start out with a healthy goat herd.

Setting up a space for feeding and emergencies

Learn feed mixes, supplies and how to use a small space as a nursery and hospital.

Milking a Goat

Learn the art and science of how to milk a goat by hand. Make it their idea.

Evaluation a Goat’s Confirmation and Health

Identify the confirmation guides and how to spot a healthy goat.

Creating and Maintaining Healthy Pastures

How do you manage your pastures to ensure a healthy herd?

Hoof Trimming

Learn the basics of the proper way to trim a goat’s hoof.

Importance of Goat Massage

How to use massage to keep a goat healthy and used to being handled.

Understanding Goat Psychology

Lessons learned in working with goats to understand how they think, which will make raising and tending goats easier.

Setting up Your Barnyard

Set up a barnyard area to help in managing a goat herd. Gate latches, wire gauge for fencing, paddock setup.

Supplies to Have on Hand

Supplies to have on hand to keep the goat herd healthy and happy.

Dealing with a Sick Goat

How to identify a sick goat. Some diagnostic techniques and natural remedies.

Natural Parasite Control

Learn some remedies and resources for natural control of parasites.

Mineral Deficiencies, Wounds, and Injuries

Identify when a goat is lacking minerals or vitamins. How to stop bleeding and deal with other wounds.


What supplies should to have on hand during kidding?

Banding Male Kids

What tools to use and the process of banding young male goats to produce wethers.


Emergency information to have on hand.