The Business of Goat Herding (softcover book)


The business of raising dairy livestock requires that the farmer be head of the herd.  The herder must provide the animal with the tools they need to support their natural systems, making sure they receive the right kind and amount of food, vitamins, minerals – clean water – and a healthy environment.

Raising goats is not easy.  They are intelligent, fussy, fragile, robust, and exasperating.  They are fun, kind, gentle, abusive, loving and inquisitive.  In short – goats are amazing creatures and the most widely kept domestic livestock animal in the world!

Despite this, traditional vets seem to know almost nothing about goats.  Our farm service system in this country all but ignores their existence.  So how can you get started in this growing and profitable business?

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This 134-page book includes the following:

  • Stories from women who have made of business of raising goats.  Sharing their experiences.
  • How to get started:  Setting your course.
  • The basics of animal welfare, humane care.
  • What is normal in the goat world?  How to recognize a healthy goat.
  • Herd psychology.
  • The basics of housing and fencing.
  • Planning for animal death.
  • Available standards and certifications.
  • Understanding community supported agriculture (CSA) programs.
  • Selling raw milk.
  • Specialty dairy products.
  • Cheese making the old fashioned way.
  • Preparing hides for tanning.
  • Pricing strategies.
  • The art of branding and marketing.
  • Using crowdfunding and social media marketing.
  • Maintaining a healthy goat.  Goat first aid.  Herbal remedies.
  • Mineral and vitamin requirements.
  • Natural dewormer issues and recipes.
  • Pasture management.

This book is also filled with scores of goat resource links, photos, charts and diagrams.

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